Reducing the scale of household and business waste may seem daunting, but we can all help by making simple choices which are either good or bad from a sustainability and environmental point of view. Christmas and New Year is a good time to start making more of the right choices because it’s usually when households produce more waste than at any other time of year, so it’s when the biggest reductions in annual waste can be made.

MannVend is leading the way by providing environmentally friendly alternatives to many products that most people will use during the festive season.

Tracey Leahy, Managing Director of MannVend, said: “At Christmas time many families and businesses use paper plates, plastic cups and cutlery for parties simply because those products are so convenient. However, as we all know, convenience can often come at a cost to the environment. This year we’ve been pleased to see more and more interest in our Vegware range of plastic-free compostable products made from plants that includes cups, plates, cutlery, and bin liners.”

A UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man partner – we have worked with the Department for Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA) to find a solution to process compostable products. In April 2018 we joined forces with Ballaneven Compost Ltd, and since then used Vegware coffee and water cups have been collected in compostable bin bags, and composted at Ballanevin’s facility in St John’s. The compostable materials go through a shredding machine and the shredded material is then mixed with other green waste to produce compost. That process takes a few weeks, and when completed the compost is bagged up and sold to developers or private households.

Tracey added: “Encouraging more of our customers to use Vegware is our response not only to growing consumer concerns about environmental issues, but also because we recognise our responsibility to do whatever we can to protect the environment. In 2019 we’re looking forward to seeing even more of our clients using branded Vegware products to promote their businesses, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.”