Coffetek NEO

The Neo combines a beautiful smoked glass appearance with reliability and excellent drink quality. The In-Touch selection system allows you to fully customise your drink, altering the amount of sugar & milk to be added along with preparing the drink weaker or stronger- the choice is yours. The Quick Code function provides a unique number for your perfect beverage and allowing you to quickly and simply reproduce your signature beverage each time.

It’s video display can also be used to run in house promotions or advertisements.

The Neo incorporates the most advanced energy saving mode available, saving up to 30% in
energy consumption. Most systems rely on the machine having a specific time period set to enter a shutdown or economy mode. The
Neo has inbuilt learning technology which monitors usage and automatically alters the shutdown or economy
mode time periods.

  • Available as a Bean to cup machine.
  • Quick code facility.
  • 15″ video screen which can be utilised for promotions and advertisements.
  • Touch capacitive back-lit buttons.
  • Easy to clean smoked glass front.
  • Hot and cold drinks available.
  • Milk Microfoam – Improved milk microfoam gives the perfect
    appearance and foamy ‘mouth feel’


  • Height: 1830mm
  • Depth: 710mm
  • Width: 698mm
  • Weight: 140kg

Electrical Rating

  • Voltage: 230v AC
  • Current: 13 amp
  • Frequency: 50 Hz

Energy Consumption

  • 2750W Maximum Power
  • 86 watt hrs/hr
  • EVA / EMP Rating: A+

Plumbing requirements

  • Water should be supplied from a rising main.
  • The pipe work should be no more than one metre from the machine.
  • The pipe work should be terminated with a 15mm stopcock
  • Intelligent Energy Learn software which detects usage.
  • Consumes just 86 watt hours / hr
  • Paperless brewing system to reduce waste.
  • 90% of the Step is recyclable at the end of its life.

Business Benefits

Save time and money

On average, staff will take 5 minutes to make themselves a hot drink. For a company with 30 staff, this would equate to 7.5 hours downtime a day for 3 drinks per person. At £12 per hour wages, that’s £23,400 a year spent on time making drinks the traditional way...

...A drinks machine can make a delicious drink in 20 seconds.

Internal Culture

People are demanding better quality coffee, or spending time away from the business to buy it. Bringing a bean to cup machine into your working environment changes all that – and creates a place where staff can engage with each other. Morale is always improved when fresh coffee is available in the workplace.

Hassle Free

You can opt for our full servicing and supply package and we’ll take care of everything, ensuring your machine is kept clean, serviced for optimal performance and manage supplies. Or, for our smaller machines, we can offer training to keep your machine clean, although our engineers are always on call should you require technical support.

  • New 9 Bar pressurised espresso system for increased coffee extraction
  • 19″ HD Display – ideal for running in house promotions and advertising
  • Touch Screen
  • Customisable drink selections
  • Syrup Shot available
  • Customisable screen branding
  • 9oz or 12oz Drink size available
  • Menus are available in a range of languages

  • Height: 1830mm
  • Depth: 765mm
  • Width: 710mm
  • Weight: 165kg

Electrical Rating

  • Voltage: 230v AC
  • Current: 13 amp
  • Frequency: 50 Hz

Energy Consumption

  • Idle phase: 120 watt hrs / hr
  • Vending phase: 510 watt hrs
  • EVA / EMP Rating: B


  • Energy management software reduces power use when inactive
  • B Grade energy rating
  • A timed energy saving mode is available to further reduce power consumption during specified periods