Pro Stream Tap System

Pro stream is an instant hot water tap with a built-in filter and a coordinated under-counter water boiler. It is perfect for the quick preparation of warm drinks, such as tea, coffee and other hot drinks. The water tap is characterized by a modern and sophisticated design, with a stainless steel and thermally insulated case and touch controls. It can deliver up to 215 cups per hour of 98 ° C extra hot water. A 250 ml cup can be ready in just 5 seconds and the desired temperature guaranteed from the first dispensing. It can also be customized by adding cold and/or sparkling options.

  • 215 Cups per Hour
  • Automatic fill.
  • Stylish Chrome Tap Design
  • Built in water filtration system.
  • Eco settings available
  • Quick and easy dispense tap.
  • Safety button for hot water dispense.


  • Height: 596mm
  • Depth: 525mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • weight: 13.4 kg

Electrical Rating

  • Voltage: 230v AC
  • Current: 13 amp
  • Frequency: 50 Hz

Energy Consumption

  • 3.0 kW

Plumbing requirements

  • Water should be supplied from a rising main.
  • The pipe work should be no more than one metre from the machine.
  • The pipe work should be terminated with a 15mm stopcock
  • Energy saving – The energy saving function starts automatically after two hours of use by lowering the water temperature inside the tank to 65 ° C; after further or non-use of the boiler, it switches off permanently.

Business Benefits

Save time and money

On average, staff will take 5 minutes to make themselves a hot drink. For a company with 30 staff, this would equate to 7.5 hours downtime a day for 3 drinks per person. At £12 per hour wages, that’s £23,400 a year spent on time making drinks the traditional way...

...A drinks machine can make a delicious drink in 20 seconds.

Internal Culture

People are demanding better quality coffee, or spending time away from the business to buy it. Bringing a bean to cup machine into your working environment changes all that – and creates a place where staff can engage with each other. Morale is always improved when fresh coffee is available in the workplace.

Hassle Free

You can opt for our full servicing and supply package and we’ll take care of everything, ensuring your machine is kept clean, serviced for optimal performance and manage supplies. Or, for our smaller machines, we can offer training to keep your machine clean, although our engineers are always on call should you require technical support.