Three chip shops in Peel are now using a range of compostable products made from plants as part of a drive to get more businesses to reduce plastic waste.

The Cod and Castle, Peel Fisheries Chippy, and the Quayside Fish and Chip Shop are now using take away coffee cups, cutlery, chip trays and burger boxes all made by Vegware. The products – supplied by ourselves– are manufactured from a material made from plants, so it’s 100% compostable, and not made from fossil fuels.

Geoffrey Boot MHK, Minister for the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture (DEFA), said: “I’m delighted that a number of our local businesses are making great efforts to reduce plastic waste, assisting with the Government’s Single-Use Plastic Reduction Plan. At a recent conference attended by DEFA, attendees were reminded by Sir David Attenborough that 400 million tonnes of plastic is produced annually, 10 million of which enters the ocean. As an Island it’s important that we do what we can to address this and protect our environment. I’m confident that the steps being made by these local companies will help set an example and encourage other businesses to be more conscious of the plastics they are using.”

Tracey Leahy, Managing Director of MannVend, commented: “We’re delighted to see more and more businesses using Vegware, and hope that the example being set by these three take-away outlets will inspire many others to follow suit.”

Dave Matthews, owner of the Cod and Castle, Peel Fisheries Chippy, and the Quayside Fish and Chip Shop, said: “Making our chip shops more environmentally friendly is something we have always felt strongly about. Over the last couple of years we have tried and tested different alternative packaging but, as always, we wanted to ensure the taste of our product was not compromised. We believe that the Vegware packaging is not only better for our planet but also improves the quality of our food. Thanks to MannVend, we are able to serve our delicious, traditional fish and chips while doing our small bit for the environment.”

The move has also been welcomed by Glenfaba and Peel MHK, Ray Harmer. He said: “This is wonderful news. It is important that we reduce single use plastics and this is a very positive step. I look forward to more businesses using Vegware across Peel and the Island.”

We also demonstrate our commitment to reducing environmental impact by being a UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man partner.